Fun with Science


Fun with Science

A handheld learning experience

A handheld learning experience

Learn Science the fun and right way

Online Learning
Once a week (Friday)
60 minutes Sessions
(5 p.m. -6p.m.)
For 3 - 7 years old

New batches starting from 16th July

About the Program

Fun with Science programme

At this age of exploration, (Age group : 3 years to 7 years) children are constantly imagining and seeking adventure with science. Our science experiment programme enhance the Intellectual ability and fires the imagination of these young minds.

Science comes naturally to young children as they are curious about their environment and ask questions about the things they observe. It is important to encourage that curiosity at an early age by responding to their questions with simplified information which would lead to more questions.

Our curriculum explores things that children can see in their own environment with activities like

  • Color mixing
  • Volcano eruption
  • Color dispersion
  • Acidic acid & Base
  • The Rainbow & Prism



Fun with Science

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