A handheld learning experience

A handheld learning experience

A handheld learning experience

Online Learning
Twice a week
60 minutes Sessions
For 1.5 - 3 years old toddlers


Mother & Toddler Programme

Play is vital to all children. It is often noisy, messy, and can appear to us to have no real value. But PLAY is the way a young child learns!

As our programme unfolds with puppetry, singalong rhymes, water play, art, and motor activities, witness your child blossom into an eager learner. Quality early childhood education lays the foundation for children’s later learning.

Mother Toddler Club helps parents become more aware of the learning situations available in the child’s own environment – his home. By sharing your child’s play experiences, you can become more aware of your child’s needs and interests. The time spent together can be a rich and rewarding experience for both.



Fees 9999/- INR
School Kit 4444/- INR (To be paid to our authorized vendor. Divine International)


AT JUST INR 9999/-